Ceramic Coating | Cost

The fact is everyone wants their car protected, but not everyone wants to pay crazy prices… And the more we apply ceramic coatings around the Columbus, Ohio area the more we learn how to work with our client’s budget while still applying long-term ceramic coatings. We love speaking 1 on 1 with our customers so that we can tailor a specific paint correction and ceramic coating job to exactly what you need. If you are in Central Ohio, give us a call anytime!

Ceramic Coatings Columbus, Ohio | What Do They Cost?

How much money should you spend on a ceramic coating, and how much do ceramic coatings cost? I like simple answers, so here are our average ceramic coating prices.

Sedan: $900-$1100

Small SUV: $1200-1500

Large Vehicles: $1500+

It’s important to keep in mind…… these are AVERAGE ceramic coating prices, and like we said, one of our favorite parts of the job is working with customers 1 on 1 to find exactly what works for them.

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Now let’s answer the burning question: Why are ceramic coatings so expensive? Well there are 3 reasons:

  1. First and foremost, ceramic coating application takes TIME. The average ceramic coating installation takes about 10 hours… Crazy right?
  2. Automotive ceramic coatings are the hardest, most durable, and advanced form of paint protection that exists! We’re talking YEARS of protection… not months!
  3. And finally, in order to install ceramic coatings properly we put ourselves through some serious training. In fact, we spent about 90 days going through the most reputable online paint correction and ceramic coating training there is! Not to mention all of the practice that followed… So at the end of the day, we are also charging for our expertise (and we think we’re pretty good 🙂

You may be asking yourself…

“I am afraid to spend a lot of money on something like this and be disappointed after it’s all over. Am I really going to feel like this is WORTH the money? Am I going to regret this?”

“Ceramic coatings aren’t for regular cars that are driven on a daily basis. Only really expensive cars are ceramic coated, and people who drive really expensive cars. This has no value to me or what I drive.”

“I have never been someone to really care about my car. That’s why I let my kids beat up the inside the way they do. We are going to drive the wheels off this thing anyway, I’m not trying to keep it in perfect condition.”

“I already take exceptional care of my car. I wash it on the weekends, wax it every other weekend, and it’s therapeutic to me. I’ve been detailing my own cars for as long as I can remember. I know how to keep a car in near perfect condition. There’s no reason for me to get a ceramic coating.”

What Is A Ceramic Coating?

Because we are detailer’s, we’re tempted to get into the nitty gritty of what a ceramic coating is, why it’s the 9th wonder of our auto detailing business, but we don’t want to bore you! A ceramic coating is like a thick winter coat you put on your kids before they go sledding! It’s a hyper durable, and extremely hard layer of Silicon Dioxide (glass) that cure’s to the entire exterior of your vehicle’s paint, glass, and other surfaces. Not only do ceramic coatings give a rich, glossy appearance to the car paint that is absolutely unmatched, but a nano ceramic coating is designed to last somewhere between 3 and 7+ years depending on the coating you choose.

Ceramic coatings have 2 jobs:

  1. Long term paint protection
  2. Beautiful gloss and shine (and we mean BEAUTIFUL)

How Does A Ceramic Coating Work?

After the ceramic coating is applied to the paint, it is as if your vehicle has an extra layer of ultra durable, scratch resistant, and hydrophobic skin. Ceramics are designed to protect against everything that touches the paint from the outside world: bird droppings, bugs, rain, pollen, surface scratches, and much more. While normal auto detailing services can help clean and protect the paint temporarily, ceramic coatings form a sort of shield that protects your investment until the day it’s traded in which means more money in your pocket!

Washing and maintaining your car is inconvenient and tiresome… So after we spend $50,000 on a vehicle we slowly watch it degrade more and more over time because we just don’t want to keep up with it. We think it’s crazy to pay thousands of dollars for a car, drive it unprotected, and trade it in for pennies years later.

After the paint has been completely cleaned, decontaminated, and we’ve created a smooth surface through paint correction, a thin layer of the liquid ceramic coating is applied to the paint, left to cure, then carefully buffed off until all that remains is a thin ceramic layer that is left for 24 hours in order to cure. It’s that simple!