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Paint Correction

Why get Paint correction?

The goal in automotive paint correction is to restore a vehicle’s finish to its original quality or, in some cases, better than its original quality. Yes, brand new vehicles with barely a mile on the odometer can benefit from paint correction as well!

The paint correction packages found here at Ohio Critical Detail can:

  • Correct swirl marks, surface scratches, holograms, and other defects
  • Rejuvenate the glow of your paintwork
  • Restore and improve the value of your vehicle
  • Get your paintwork ready for one of our ceramic coatings

The surface of your car is super delicate. More delicate than you think. The exterior paint can be easily scratched off during a basic car wash, which will result in the need to go for a paint correction service.

 At Ohio Critical Detail LLC, our car detailing service is done with more than enough attention to detail than any regular car wash. Give us a call today and let us help, maintain the beauty of your vehicle.

Gloss | paint correction

Gloss Enhancement

Starting at: $200

Our exterior detail enhancement polish is a one-step machine polishing step that leaves paint looking cleaner and enhances gloss and shine. Designed for brightening and gloss enhancement, this treatment will leave your car with a lustrous shine and streak-free surface.


  • Full exterior detail 
  • Clay bar treatment 
  • Application of No-sling Tire Dressing 
  • Polish paint

1-Step paint correction

Starting at: $275

Our one-step paint correction takes out a majority of the scratches and swirls on your vehicle, while leaving a professional finish. This may be just what you need to breathe some life back into that dulled exterior of your vehicle.


  • Full exterior detail 
  • Decontaminating Paint
  • Application of No-sling Tire Dressing 
  • 1 step paint correction
  • We aim for 70% defect removal
  • Ideal for daily driven vehicles
1 step | paint correction

2-Step Paint correction

Starting at: $400

This is our top tier paint correction package that involves a 2-step machine polishing. Ideally looking to remove 90% of defects from the clear coat to leave a showroom level finish that is truly amazing.


  • Full exterior detail 
  • Decontaminating Paint to remove iron fall out
  • Clay bar treatment 
  • Application of No-sling Tire Dressing 
  • 2 step paint correction (compound and polish)
  • We aim for 90%+ defect removal
  • Includes paint sealant 

Reasons to get your vehicles paint corrected


 Exterior detailing is about exterior surface protection – not just beautification.  Detailing professionals remove harsh exterior contaminants that attach themselves to your vehicle as you drive, helping to keep your car’s exterior looking new for longer. A thorough exterior cleaning not only emphasizes the beauty of your car; it also lengthens the life of your car.


Detailed exterior surfaces also have a sheen that enhances appearance – offering a brilliant luster when viewed from any angle. Your vehicle will turn heads everywhere you go!


Exterior detailing is not just for protection and appearance. Interior and exterior detailing make your car sell faster when you decide to trade-in your car, or when it comes time to sell it yourself. 


 Salt and other road chemicals can build up on exterior surfaces – even the exterior of your car’s tires! Removing these exterior contaminants improves grip and traction, which enhances safety. Similarly, your car’s windshield can get obscured by exterior contaminants like bird droppings, sap, and bugs. Removing exterior surface contaminants helps your windshield remain clear and unobstructed.